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Whats the Aim of our Specialist Lawn Treatments?

The aim of our professional lawn care treatments is simple:

 Produce greener, healthier lawns

  • Control weeds, moss, and pests -in your lawn.

  • Provide one off or on going lawn maintenance treatments.

  • Treat disease and insect problems including: Leatherjackets and Crane fly Larvae.

  • *Work with you and advise on the seasonal upkeep of your lawn.

What Type of treatment does my lawn need and how much does it cost?

When we survey your lawns we also prepare a lawn care treatment program for you. The program recommends treatments that will ensure your lawn has the appropriate nutrients it requires throughout the year. We will also help you budget.

If you’d like us to chat to you about additional lawn maintenance such as scarifying, aeration, spiking, top dressing and seeding just let us know, but we can often advise you about this during the survey

Our 4 Seasonal Lawn Treatments

This can be the most important time of the year. There is plenty of moisture about  and the ground is starting to warm- the grass and plant responds by growing vigorously and requires the right amount and mix of nutrients to encourage the the grass to take advantage of the growing conditions and enable it to grow and develop:

  • Application of specialist fertiliser Feed for Healthy Growth.

  • Treatment & Removal of Moss & Weeds.

  • The long term Development of a Greener, Healthier Lawn​.


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